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Do you sell wholesale?


Sorry, we currently do not offer wholesale pricing.

I cracked the front screen of my iPhone 4 or 4S, which part do I need?


We highly recommend for installers to replace the complete front assembly which includes the glass with digitizer and retina LCD display. Attempting to repair the glass & digitizer by separating the LCD display will not work as it did with the iPhone 3G & 3GS.

How long do repairs typically take?


– If you choose to visit a local QuickFix technician, repairs can take 10 minutes to 1 hour (depends on phone/laptop model and extent of damage)

– If you choose to Repair-by-Mail, we guarantee a 3-5 business day turnaround (depends on sender location, phone/laptop model and extent of damage)

What types of Smartphones do you repair?


We repair all smartphones available in the market including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia and Huawei smartphones.

I tried repairing my smartphone myself, can I still bring it in for repair or diagnostic?


Yes, no problem, please walk in to the store and bring your device, or mail it to us.

Do you repair laptops and PC's?


Yes, we repair all models laptops and desktops. Please bring in or mail us your device and we will quickly respond with a free diagnosis!

I have multiple issues with my smartphone, do you offer discounts for multiple repairs?


Yes we do, please give us a call and describe your problem and we will see what we can do for you.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your services?


Yes, we offer a full 30 day parts and labor warranty, this means if you have any issues related with your repair we will solve any problem free of charge.

Do I have to prepay for my repair?


No, you pay after we repair your device.

Can I mail in any device for repair?


You can mail-in anything listed on our site. If you have any questions or your device is not listed please call and our technicians will gladly assist you.

Do you repair iPads?


Yes, we do repair iPads.

What should I do if my device falls in water or another liquid?


Do not turn on your device. It’s best if you bring it the next day or even the same day, as we will have a better chance of repairing it. Of course if you can’t make it to one of our locations, remove the battery and keep it in a bag of rice, then bring or mail your device to one of our locations.


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